Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books

Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling BooksThis course by Geoff Shaw is another winner. I reviewed “How To Succeed With Kindle Short Reads” not long ago, and recently I’ve been working my way through “Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books”, and just as with my first review, I’m completely hooked.

Geoff Shaw is the founder of the much acclaimed “Kindling” training, so it was an easy decision to enroll for this course, and I’m so glad I did. If you check the bottom of this review, you will find a link which will allow you to purchase this course at a savings of $72 or 74%. I contacted Geoff and asked his permission to allow me to do this for my readers.

As my regular readers know, I only ever endorse items, books, courses, etc. I’ve purchased myself, worked with and believe to be of the highest quality. I value my reputation!

When writing for Kindle, I’ve always been what is called a “pantser”, meaning I write by the seat of my pants: no pre-formatted plot. I just sit down at my computer and write. For several years I’ve genuinely wanted to transition into an author who plots her stories. I’ve bought numerous books, all of which claim to teach me how to set about it, but try as I might, none of them resonated with me.

Strangely, Reverse Engineering Riveting Fiction immediately struck a chord. I believe this can be attributed to two reasons: First, Geoff has a great gift for explaining points clearly and concisely. Second, I’ve never before seen the method Geoff uses taught anywhere else, and as I said, I’ve bought numerous books on formatting an effective plot.

Geoff demonstrates with the same outline sheets he uses when he’s am writing a book, and also for the books he gets his ghostwriters to write for him. Those outline sheets are available for download in the course.

But that’s only half the story. Even a pantser has to begin with some notion of a story-line, without one, what on earth are you going to write about? With a number of novels already written, fresh plot ideas can be very hard to come by. This course covers that too and points authors to a source of already proven, top-notch outlines they can personalize and adapt to almost any niche or genré.

As Geoff states—”You won’t get stuck for words. You won’t be looking at a blank screen or piece of paper wondering why you’ve got writers block.”

He’s structured this course in a simple methodical way based on the best results he’s had from training thousands of people in book publishing. Remember, Kindling is his innovation and thousands of students swear by their memberships.

Geoff is a great teacher. He speaks clearly and his videos are professional and presented in a friendly, easy manner. There is a total of 18 video lectures, plus PDF downloads for each lecture.

So, what exactly will you be getting?

  • Over 18 lectures and 1 hour of content!
  • Outline best selling fiction books
  • Improve any story by adding more tension and excitement
  • Write quicker and easier with an outline as your guide
  • Analyze great stories and use them to inspire your own amazing stories

I really enjoyed this course. It taught me a lot and I gained a lot of knowledge and insights from it. To enrol as a student with a 74% savings, Just Click This Link Now

To your Kindle self-publishing success!
Anne Pottinger

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