How To Succeed With Kindle Short Reads

Kindle Short Reads by Geoff ShawUntil I recently discovered this course on Udemy, I hadn’t given Kindle Short Reads any consideration. Of course I’d heard about Short Reads, but at no time had I looked beyond writing and publishing 40+ word novellas on Amazon. I’d never considered how they could benefit me as an author.

Then, browsing through Udemy, ‘How to Succeed with Kindle Short Reads’ popped up. Actually, I was on the point of passing over it until I noticed the instructor’s name: Geoff Shaw! Yes, Geoff Shaw, the author of Kindling, the widely acclaimed A to Z Kindle training course. That fact alone made this course worth more detailed examination.

I know that all the big-time Amazon authors have huge email lists, which means whenever they have a new book to publish, all they have to do is email their list and hey presto, the new book launches with hundreds of rapid sales and dozens of reviews, giving it immediate best seller status. In the course description Geoff gives a lot of emphasis on teaching students how to build big lists fast and easy.

He explains how, in this course, he will Use Amazon Kindle Short Reads to build bigger email lists of readers and make money from sales while doing so. In addition, Geoff covers better branding, category targeting, giving away free books, collaboration, co-authoring, and, the extremely interesting topic of publishing short read books with unequal word counts. He offers some first-rate advice.

The course curriculum comprises of 19 video lectures, backed up by downloadable files and transcriptions of each video.

I took the course and downloaded all the files and transcriptions and it’s a decision I’m glad I made. It really is great value for money, even at the full price, and if you check the bottom of this review, you will find a link which will allow you to purchase this course at a savings of $72 or 74%. I contacted Geoff and asked his permission to allow me to do this for my readers.

As I always do before recommending courses such as this to my readers, I also tested the response from the author to contacts. Taking into account that I am in the US (Central Time) and Geoff Shaw is in New Zealand—a 17 hour time difference, his response time was excellent.

I loved this course and gained a lot of knowledge and insights from it. To enrol as a student with a 74% savings, Just Click This Link Now

To your Kindle self-publishing success!
Anne Pottinger

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