How To Succeed With Kindle Short Reads

Kindle Short Reads by Geoff ShawUntil I recently discovered this course on Udemy, I hadn’t given Kindle Short Reads any consideration. Of course I’d heard about Short Reads, but at no time had I looked beyond writing and publishing 40+ word novellas on Amazon. I’d never considered how they could benefit me as an author.

Then, browsing through Udemy, ‘How to Succeed with Kindle Short Reads’ popped up. Actually, I was on the point of passing over it until I noticed the instructor’s name: Geoff Shaw! Yes, Geoff Shaw, the author of Kindling, the widely acclaimed A to Z Kindle training course. That fact alone made this course worth more detailed examination.
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Format MS Word for Amazon Kindle, Get Beautiful EBooks

Format MS Word for Amazon KindleThis is a course by Jason Matthews that I discovered recently on Udemy and straight off the bat, I’m happy to say I am impressed. Jason is a bestselling author and self-publishing instructor to thousands of writers. His books have been translated into 8 languages and his self-publishing lessons have been viewed by students in 123 countries. His videos are well presented audio-visually, and he explains each topic concisely, yet in a manner that is easy to understand.

The course comprises of 28 items, broken down into 7 sections. After many critical points in the course Jason includes a quiz that provides the student with the opportunity to make certain they remember and understand those points.
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How To Become a Bestselling Author on Amazon Kindle by Tom Corson-Knowles – Save $200

Tom Corson-KnowlesTom Corson-Knowles is the #1 best selling author of the Kindle Publishing Bible Series. He has published more than twenty books on Kindle and regularly sells over five thousand books a month at an average price of more than $3.00.

So, I think you will agree that he knows what he’s talking about regarding writing, editing, formatting, publishing and especially Marketing and Selling Kindle Books. But, he’s the first to admit it wasn’t always that way. When he wrote his first book, it took him six years to figure out how to get it published.

Yes, he struggled for six long years figuring out how to publish his books and sell thousands of copies a month, giving him the freedom and lifestyle he had always dreamed of.
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The One Web Host I Use Myself

Today I received the following comment on one of my affiliate websites:

“Hey would you mind letting me know which hosting company you’re working with? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 different browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot quicker then most. Can you suggest a good internet hosting provider at a fair price? Thanks, I appreciate it!”

BigScoots Web HostingWell, it so happens that after more than ten years of using HostGator as my main hosting company, (plus two others), I had recently moved all my websites to a hosting company called BigScoots Web Hosting. I had used HostGator, for more than 10 years, but since they’d been taken over by Endurance International Group, Inc. (EIG), their load speeds and customer service had become more and more unacceptable.
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Content Cash System From Paul Myers

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If you consider yourself to be a “content marketer”, are you often, quite literally, falling at the first fence? You’ve created brilliant, riveting content, published it on your own website or blog, then added it to Ezine Articles. All the right stuff — but then what? Does it just sit there gathering cyberdust?

This is inert passive syndication. Your technique is correct, you’re not churning out illegible, keyword laden garbage and blasting it all over the internet, but you can and should be doing so much more, and this is where Paul Myers’ course will put you on the right track.
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Ezine Advertising Live — My Marketing Epiphany

With Google’s everlasting algorithm updates, is it really smart to establish your entire internet business upon their foibles and idiosyncrasies? The methods you are presently following may please Google today, but who’s to say how they may regard them tomorrow? Overnight you could find that coveted #1 position you’ve invested so much time, effort and probably even money, to attain, has vanished. Google has come up with a new rule and your site is now languishing unseen and unloved somewhere on page six or seven of the search results.

Google Panda AlgorithmDon’t get me wrong, I used to fight exactly those same battles, just as you are doing; but then I stopped following the advice of the so called “Internet Gurus” and got smart. Actually, I began reading some revolutionary material from a few online marketing experts and educators who offered a new marketing approach; a list of entirely new rules!
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WP InstantPay Plugin

wp-instantpay pluginAs an internet marketer who subscribes to several marketing forums, I frequently come across posts from fellow marketers who struggle to find and set up a complete, all in one, sales processing, order fulfillment and affiliate payment system for their online business.

Countless thousands of marketers use WordPress as their CMS (content management system), and PayPal is the most used payment system on the internet. It has to make sense when a new WordPress plugin is developed to combine the two AND pay their affiliates instantly!

Yes, now there is WP InstantPay Plugin

Can you imagine how many affiliates you’ll be able to attract when they know they’re getting paid in real time? After every single sale? You will explode your sales volume because there will be no waiting…and that’s a HUGE incentive for affiliates to promote your products!
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