Article Syndication: How To Begin

Article syndication, when approached correctly, could easily become the pot of gold in your business promotion endeavors. Why? Because, it can provide you with masses of highly targeted traffic. Over the years, longstanding syndicators have developed lists of thousands of publishers who have signed up to receive new content for their authority websites and in their newsletters and offline publications. This provides the author with significant numbers of fresh readers who will hopefully click the links to their websites in the resource boxes. This is targeted traffic.

To be a really successful syndicator, you must be proactive.  The opportunities for syndication (depending, of course, upon your niche,) can be endless. You just need to exercise a little initiative and creativity to track them down.

Everyone begins with basic “keyword + blog” searches, but that’s just the miniscule tip of a huge iceberg. Other very effective search stings are:
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Article Syndication To Benefit and Grow Your Business

Article syndication, when approached correctly, is in my opinion, a brilliant promotion tool. Unfortunately, a great many internet marketers just don’t “get” how to implement article syndication correctly and effectively. The primary purpose is simple: write articles and make them available for republishing on sites relevant to your own niche. This provides opportunities to grow your presence, increase your credibility, and widen your marketing reach with new, highly targeted traffic to your website. People reading your content, are exposed to your brand, and perceive you as an expert in your particular niche. If you are especially lucky, one or more of your articles may even go “viral”.

article syndicationThe mistake most people persist in making, is perceiving article syndication as a means of obtaining backlinks, or “link-juice”. They write content and blast it out a to proliferation of article directories. Agreed, this will result in backlinks, but all you will achieve from article directories in SEO terms are non-context-relevant, PR-0 backlinks. Actually, it will require somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 article directory backlinks to provide the link-juice equivalent to one single backlink from a relevant authority-site.
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