Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books

Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling BooksThis course by Geoff Shaw is another winner. I reviewed “How To Succeed With Kindle Short Reads” not long ago, and recently I’ve been working my way through “Reverse Engineer Riveting Fiction & Write Best Selling Books”, and just as with my first review, I’m completely hooked.

Geoff Shaw is the founder of the much acclaimed “Kindling” training, so it was an easy decision to enroll for this course, and I’m so glad I did. If you check the bottom of this review, you will find a link which will allow you to purchase this course at a savings of $72 or 74%. I contacted Geoff and asked his permission to allow me to do this for my readers.

As my regular readers know, I only ever endorse items, books, courses, etc. I’ve purchased myself, worked with and believe to be of the highest quality. I value my reputation!
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Article Marketers – Lay the Duplicate Content Myth To Rest Once and For All

Over and over, on all the popular Internet Marketing forums, especially the Warrior Forum, new article marketers pose the question: “if I post the same article in multiple article directories, will Google penalize me for duplicate content?” Or: “after posting an article to my blog or website, do I need to re-write or spin it before posting it to article directories?”

It’s really amazing how these two words duplicate content have become such a completely misunderstood concept. I think the entire confusion was perpetuated by opportunity seekers who sell services or software to spin articles After all, it’s hardly in their best interests to be seen to accept the real truth.
duplicate contentJust stop for a moment, forget all the myth and hype and think rationally. All the news services, for example Bloomberg, the Associated Press, Reuters, Scripps Howard, CNS etc., are in business for one reason: to distribute news in a pre-written format. These news feeds are picked up and published all over the internet by thousands of diverse subscribing web sites. They don’t employ people to re-write the content; it’s published exactly as they receive it, with a byline to the source.
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Penguin-Proof Your Online Business

Every time Google unveils a new algorithm update for their search engine, it creates a frenzy of activity across the internet. It’s unfortunate that the ‘Penguin’ update in particular, caused a great many ‘good’ websites to lose rank overnight, but I believe that anyone who has built their websites ethically, without ever implementing methods to ‘game’ the system, should resist panicking.

Google Penguin algorithm updateThrough the succession of Panda, and now Penguin updates, Google’s motivation has been nothing more sinister than eliminating web spam from their search engine results. But—they seem to have written something monumentally wrong into their Penguin programming. Good, longstanding websites are now languishing in the doldrums, but I refuse to believe that Google deliberately set out to create this mess. Future updates will surely correct their monumental mistake.

In the meanwhile, maybe marketers should see this as a long overdue (in my opinion,) wake-up call. Isn’t it time to diversify and consider other traffic sources? Believe it or not, Big G isn’t the one source of visitors to your website.
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A Safe, Easy Way To Do Article Marketing the Right Way

article marketing the right wayAre you a ‘purist’ article marketer, working to syndicate every piece of content you produce? I am, and I try to follow the path that many fellow content writers have proved for themselves to be successful.

Article marketing, with the end goal to get your material syndicated and republished on popular, relevant websites and blogs, or in newsletters, has no association with spamming the internet with hundreds, often thousands of spun, unreadable excuses masquerading as articles.

Over the past two years, Google has been implementing algorithm updates to weed out, and de-index these ‘trash’ articles, and often the spuriously named article directories hosting them as well. Consequently, the backlinks they had been providing disappeared, and so too did the websites they had been pointing to. Hence the hue and cry on forums such as the Warrior Forum, Digital Point, Wicked Fire, etc., proclaiming ‘article marketing’ to be “dead”.
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Guest Blogging – A Marketing Strategy To Bring Floods of New Traffic

Everywhere you look these days, especially since Google’s ongoing succession of algorithm updates, naysayers are proclaiming, “article marketing is dead” or, “article marketing doesn’t work any more”. Fortunately, my experience tells a completely different story: instead of losing its effectiveness, article marketing in its original, purest sense has now acquired a whole new authority, helped, rather than hindered by Google’s clampdown to eliminate trash content.

Complementary to article marketing is Guest Blogging, and when approached correctly, it can very easily produce superior results. Why should this be? Well, a blog post is an article, the only difference being, it’s published in a blog, not an article directory. However, that one difference can be amazing in the focused, quality traffic it attracts.

So, How Does Guest Blogging Provide Superior Traffic?

Simple. As respected as many article directories may be, they are not authoritative websites. When people are searching for information on a subject, or solutions to their problems, they will only read your article posted in a directory if they happen to stumble upon a link to it during their search. There is no way they are going to head directly to Ezine Articles or Article Base to find answers.
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Write Articles For Your Readers, Not For Google

Do you write articles to promote your internet business? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, my next question is: do you write just to please Google, or to inform and entertain people?

article marketingMy writing policy has always put my intended readers first; that makes sense—they are, after all, my targeted customers. Many marketers advise differently, preferring to write purely to please Google, but I see that as a big mistake. Article marketing should not be viewed as a form of SEO, because it isn’t. Article directories were never created either as a means of obtaining traffic, or as a source of good backlinks; they fail miserably at both.

Unenlightened marketers are delighted when their articles posted in directories have a 25% click-through rate, but what they should really be saying is: ‘I lost 75% of my potential visitors’. Doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?
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Authoritative Article Marketing vs SEO Article Directory Marketing

The confusion, which continues between the two: “authoritative article marketing” and “SEO article directory marketing”, never seems to cease. Authoritative article marketers are clear about the marketing method they embrace, but SEO article directory marketers create the murkiness when they insist upon also referring to what they do as straight “article marketing”.

Let me explain the two:

article syndicationAuthoritative Article Marketing involves high quality, focused articles, written specifically to catch the eye of webmasters looking for good content for their sites, otherwise known as syndication. These articles nearly always contain more than 1,000 words; they draw in and entertain the reader and they never, never promote or sell. Selling is not their purpose, where-as engaging the reader and informing them is.

Articles written by authoritative article marketers follow an inherent understanding of how webmasters are constantly on the lookout for top-notch content for their blogs, websites, newsletters, etc. These webmasters will nearly always pick a long article over a shorter one, simply because of the space it occupies. Your 500-word article may be brilliant, but its selection means the webmaster still has critical space to fill.
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Ezine Articles and “Unique Content”

original contentEzine Articles does not require you to publish “Unique Content” to their directory. Period. Yet, over and over, often several times a day, marketers log on to various IM forums and, state categorically that they do. This is completely wrong, and unfortunately, others read this mis-information, accept it as the truth, and within a short space of time, they too are posting, advising others along these same, skewed lines.

But, don’t take my word for it; just go to Ezine Articles Editorial Guidelines, Item 1a. which states:

“To Be Qualified For Our Site, Your Article:

  • MUST BE AN ORIGINAL ARTICLE THAT YOU WROTE. If you work for an author as an employee or contractor and are submitting the article, please submit the article as if it was from the original author including his or her email address and name.”

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Article Marketing – Does It Still Work?

Yes—article marketing is still very much worth pursuing, but, you must understand that we are talking about true article marketing, not ‘article directory marketing‘. There are very significant differences.

article marketingArticle Directory Marketers (also known as ‘bum marketers’) are people who write (or pay to have others write for them), hundreds of inferior quality articles, spin them to create thousands more, use a few to populate a niche blog or website, then via programs or paid subscription services, broadcast them to article directories throughout the internet.

This aspect of ‘marketing’ is the reason for Google’s February algorithm update (their ‘recipe’ for how to rank web pages), known as the Panda, or Farmer update, aimed at identifying mediocre, low quality sites and content. This update has severely impacted article directories and websites in general that carry inferior material, that Google perceives to provide little or no information.
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