Write Articles For Your Readers, Not For Google

Do you write articles to promote your internet business? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, my next question is: do you write just to please Google, or to inform and entertain people?

article marketingMy writing policy has always put my intended readers first; that makes sense—they are, after all, my targeted customers. Many marketers advise differently, preferring to write purely to please Google, but I see that as a big mistake. Article marketing should not be viewed as a form of SEO, because it isn’t. Article directories were never created either as a means of obtaining traffic, or as a source of good backlinks; they fail miserably at both.

Unenlightened marketers are delighted when their articles posted in directories have a 25% click-through rate, but what they should really be saying is: ‘I lost 75% of my potential visitors’. Doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?

Similarly, marketers believe the articles they publish on Ezine Articles will be credited with EZine Articles’ PR-6 page rank. Again, this is total misguided: pages achieve page rank, NOT websites. Ezine Articles’ front page has a PR-6 page rank, but every new article published appears first on a page with no ranking at all, then, after a while Google will allocate it a negligible PR-0 page rank. As backlinks go, links from a PR-0 page are as close as you can get to worthless, especially since Google’s recent algorithm change.

Not totally worthless though; if you work really hard, you will only need somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 PR-0 backlinks to equal one backlink from an authority, context relevant website! And just to put things further into perspective, if you follow the train of thought which promotes article spinning and article mass-submitting to thousands of completely worthless article directories, for every thousand directories you mass-submit to, maybe only one or two hundred (often far less), will actually publish your submission. Do the math—how many submissions will it take to achieve the low estimate 50,000 PR-0 backlinks?

Your aim should always be to produce high quality, people oriented content, and spinning, no matter which ‘exalted’ program you use, will never achieve this. On the other hand, if every article you write is purposed toward being picked up and syndicated by webmasters with very targeted traffic in your niche, the traffic and SEO benefits you reap can be immeasurable. In the end, it’s relevance which really matters.

building your businessThe SEO and traffic benefits I achieve from article marketing, all result from having my articles syndicated on relevant sites. Visualize each article as a flagstone in the path to my business’s long-term success. Every article I write contributes step-by-step toward an ever increasing residual income. Over the years, for several niches, I’ve written and syndicated thousands of articles; some of them have been out there, quietly producing for me for years.

All of them have been written with human readers in mind; not Google, not SEO, not article directory traffic. I don’t want my years of work to be totally dependent upon Google’s algorithm tweaks and updates; that’s a foolish way to run a business.

Webmasters with a large, focused audience (customers), are always anxious to discover quality content to feed to them, be it via their website, blog or newsletters. Write that content and place it where they can find it, and it will work for you for years to come.
Anne Pottinger





  1. I agree with what you saying writing for your human audience is the primary goal, but what I think people are trying to say when they advise for people to focus on Google. Is that if you not getting traffic then no one is reading your content anyway. Make Google happy first and then move on to your readers. The readers you will hopefully get b/c of your rankings in Google.

  2. None of my writing is done to “keep Google happy”. All my writing is intended for syndication. First, I publish everything on my blogs (I have 6 in various, diverse niches, not including this, which I call my ‘personal’ blog), second, I send a copy to that blog’s list of syndicators (webmasters who have previously published my writing), and third, I publish a copy to Ezine Articles for further syndication. I really don’t care what Google thinks about my blogs; my ever increasing list of syndicators send me a huge amount of niche relevant traffic from their own subscribers. This method makes me 100% safe from any of Google’s past or future algorithm updates, and almost perversely, because I my writing gets published on some very high traffic blogs and websites, my blogs do achieve a lot of natural SEO success.

  3. I totally agree with you and I do write articles for my readers, customers and other subscribers.

    I never loved this ‘spin’ software (although they seem to have a huge success).

    However, you said that “Article directories were never created either as a means of obtaining traffic, or as a source of good backlinks”… the truth is that back in the days, I build an entire business almost solely with ezinearticles.com submitting articles to drive traffic back to my list, so it used to work.

    Now, guest posting will be my area of focus.


  4. Yep – Article marketing used to work for driving traffic, but not since the Google algorithm updates. Plus, when you stop and think about it, do you really want your articles posted on Ezine Articles to rank ABOVE your own website? Suppose 25% do click through to your website from your article links – what you are really saying is – “I lost 75% of my potential customers”, doesn’t sound so good addressed that way around, does it?

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