Self Publishing—Create and Sell Your Own Product Online

Many entrepreneurs who embark upon an online career, usually begin by promoting other people’s products. The most popular sources for affiliates are ClickBank, followed by EBay, Amazon, Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareASale, etc.

But, as time passes, many affiliates dream about creating their own digital products to sell online. These products can take many forms: it could be a simple ebook detailing a particular process, downloadable software, website memberships, or video tutorials. The alternatives are endless.

The enticing advantage to selling your own digital products, is the immediate potential to substantially increase your earnings. To achieve this, you need to attract a group of affiliates to do exactly what you used to do, promote your products for YOU! Provide them with 50% or even better, 75% of each sale and that group could develop into an army. Digital products cost so little to produce, which means there is a huge potential to attain massive profits.

Without fully thinking it though, many people will scoff at this logic—pay affiliates 75% of every sale? Absolutely! Think about it: you create a product and price it at $49, thus every sale will reap an affiliate receiving 75% commission $36.75, and $12.25 will arrive in your bank account.

Supposing this affiliate manages to make 4 sales a day. He will make $147. You will make $49. BUT, you have 25 affiliates, all making an average of 4 sales a day. You will make $1,225. Double that to $2,450 with 50 affiliates. Now do you understand the reasoning?

A few super affiliates regularly make hundreds of sales daily.

Besides creating products for affiliates to sell on your behalf, you are also faced with the challenge of attracting these affiliates—obviously as many as possible.

ClickBank is the route many digital publishers follow, in many instances they are now the automatic choice. But ClickBank, as the “middleman” subtracts their own charges (7.5% + $1) at source. Let me quote their own example:

An affiliate promotes an ebook which sells at $29.95. He/she earns a commission of 55%

Retail Price of product: $29.95
Subtract ClickBank fees: 7.5% + $1: -$3.25
Net Sale Amount: $26.70
55% of Remainder: $14.69

Therefore, the referring affiliate for this sale earn $14.69.

ClickBank sends out commission checks like clockwork, twice a month, BUT affiliates must first reach the payment threshold set up in their account. After they’ve received two paper checks from ClickBank within a 12-week time period, they can begin receiving payments via direct deposit, but this is subject to their being located in an eligible country. Another consideration is the length of time checks take in the mail and to be cleared by the bank.

Now there is another very enticing alternative for vendors: A WordPress plugin call WP InstantPay.

Using PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API, combined with WordPress’ API, this plugin is a complete Sales Processing and Order Fulfillment process, coupled with a system allowing PayPal to automatically split the payment between the affiliate, seller and even an equity partner if there is one.

Stop and think for a moment how many MORE affiliates you’ll be able to attract when they know they will getting paid in real time? Instantly, every single sale? You’re going to explode your sales volume, because there’s no waiting—and that’s a huge incentive for affiliates to promote your products!

WP InstantPay is the next logical step forward for vendors hoping to attract an army of proactive, hardworking affiliates. There is no greater incentive on earth than knowing that they will receive Instant Payment for every sale they make. In fact it’s a no brainer, WP InstantPay will give you a huge edge over your competitors.

WP InstantPay

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