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wp-instantpay pluginAs an internet marketer who subscribes to several marketing forums, I frequently come across posts from fellow marketers who struggle to find and set up a complete, all in one, sales processing, order fulfillment and affiliate payment system for their online business.

Countless thousands of marketers use WordPress as their CMS (content management system), and PayPal is the most used payment system on the internet. It has to make sense when a new WordPress plugin is developed to combine the two AND pay their affiliates instantly!

Yes, now there is WP InstantPay Plugin

Can you imagine how many affiliates you’ll be able to attract when they know they’re getting paid in real time? After every single sale? You will explode your sales volume because there will be no waiting…and that’s a HUGE incentive for affiliates to promote your products!

  • There are thousands of affiliates scouring the web for programs to bring them quick, instant cash. When they arrive at your website and see how they will be paid instantly for every sale they make, they will be signing up in droves.
  • ClickBank pays affiliates twice monthly, Commission Junction, ClixGalore, LinkShare, NeverBlue, SharASale all pay monthly, but only when earnings meet the minimum payout amount. Payments are sent out during the latter half of the following month, and if you don’t qualify for a direct deposit, you also have to wait for the check to arrive AND clear the bank.
  • With the WP InstantPay Plugin, you, on the other hand will be paying your affiliates in real time, whenever they make a sale!

Who will they choose to represent? Whose products they will choose to promote? will be complete no brainer. IT WILL BE YOU!

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