Don’t Sacrifice Good Content In the Name of SEO

Whenever you create material for your blog or website, don’t make the common mistake of assuming you need to sacrifice the quality of your content in the name of SEO. You may be surprised to learn how the two can actually coexist in complete harmony. Look at it this way, your intended readers will be searching the internet using the keywords which are pivotal to your SEO, so, if you create your content based on topics constructed around those same keywords, there is a strong likelihood this is also the content they are seeking.

content writing for seoUse the right keywords so that your content is found easily, but always write coherently, for your readers to enjoy. The worse mistake you can make is stuffing your content with keywords, just for the benefit of Google. Actually, Google’s algorithms are getting progressively smarter; throughout the year they have been de-indexing what I describe as SEO fodder, or material short-sightedly produced to please the search engines, rather than live, human readers.

When people enter a keyword and perform a search, they are presented with a list of links. If they click to visit your website because they are intrigued by your title in the search results, they do so because they expect your content to live up to their expectations.

Your opening paragraph will either entice them to read further, or drive them to click their back button. Your content needs to be fresh, helpful, and sympathetic to whatever caused them to search online in the first place. It should anchor them to your website, eager to consume more of your writing. Your content may be easy to find, but without its perceived, crucial empathy with your readers, little of it will be read to completion, and none of it will be shared.

Presenting them with re-hashed, keyword heavy “fodder” they may have already read, which is neither helpful nor relevant will do absolutely nothing for your reputation. Furthermore, Google now uses your site’s perceived “stickiness” in its ranking algorithms. This translates into good or bad news for your SEO; offer content which causes your visitors to disappear fast and your rankings will suffer; offer optimized editorial excellence, keep them on your site reading and Google will rank you accordingly.
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