Get Early Reviews For Your New Kindle Book

get honest book reviewsRecently, I’ve received a lot of emails asking me how to get fast, genuine reviews for a new release on Amazon Kindle. Consequently, I thought it was about time I put together a detailed post I could point people to. It will save time and will contain an all-inclusive assembly of every method I’ve discovered and used myself.

In the long term, the very best method involves building a mailing list of fans to whom you can offer Advance Readers Copies (ARCs), but that’s a completely different, long-term project and I’ll cover it in a future post.
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Self Publishing—Create and Sell Your Own Product Online

Many entrepreneurs who embark upon an online career, usually begin by promoting other people’s products. The most popular sources for affiliates are ClickBank, followed by EBay, Amazon, Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareASale, etc.

But, as time passes, many affiliates dream about creating their own digital products to sell online. These products can take many forms: it could be a simple ebook detailing a particular process, downloadable software, website memberships, or video tutorials. The alternatives are endless.

The enticing advantage to selling your own digital products, is the immediate potential to substantially increase your earnings. To achieve this, you need to attract a group of affiliates to do exactly what you used to do, promote your products for YOU! Provide them with 50% or even better, 75% of each sale and that group could develop into an army. Digital products cost so little to produce, which means there is a huge potential to attain massive profits.
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