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I will edit your manuscriptWhen your book goes on sale, you want readers and reviewers to be consumed in the enjoyment of your story — not having their attention diverted by errors.

Before setting up my own business I worked as a freelance proofreader/editor for Avalon Books. I will provide you with cost effective Proofreading, Copy-Editing, Line-Editing and Developmental (or Substantive) Editing services for all genres of fiction and non-fiction and all lengths, from short stories to full-blown novels.

I also Proofread web content, resumes, students’ essays/term-papers, etc. In short, if you write it, I can edit it.

I am the author/publisher of three independently published novels, and several non-fiction ebooks, so you can be assured I know firsthand the importance of having your manuscript professionally proofread and copy edited. Believe me, your readers will notice the errors that can easily slip through even the most committed self-editing.

My specialty is proofreading/editing indie books for self-published authors. I will work with you to make your novel as polished and error-free as possible. I have a degree in English Language as well as more than three decades of experience as a writer, proofreader, and editor. Be aware though that Proofreading and Editing are two separate and distinctive services.

All editing (copy-editing and line-editing) is done electronically in MS Word using the ‘Track Changes’ feature, which allows authors to accept, modify, or reject all my suggested edits. If necessary, I clarify the suggested edits using ‘Comment Boxes.’ Click Here for a video explaining ‘Track Changes’ in detail.

All manuscripts sent for editing need to be formatted in MS Word or should be MS Word compatible.

NOTE: I do NOT accept proofreading or editing work (Hard Copies) on paper. To read more Click Here.

The reference books I work with are: The Chicago Manual of Style and, to a lesser extent, the Associated Press Style Book, also The Gregg Reference Manual, and Garner’s Modern American Usage. I don’t stray far from their grammar, punctuation and useage views. At The Chicago Manual of Style’s suggestion, I use the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language when I need to look up spellings, hyphenations, and definitions.

I am an ex-pat Brit, long-time US resident so I am very familiar with both American and British conventions.

I have more than three decades of experience as an editor and proofreader, as well as a First Class Degree in English Language.

Services and Rates


  • Check for misspellings
  • Missing or misuse of punctuation
  • Repetitive words
  • Word usage
  • Grammatical errors
  • Repeated or omitted words and phrases
  • Typographical errors
  • Check spacing
  • Make a final check for homophones (e.g., two, to, too), minor formatting issues, and spacing.
  • Each proofread will receive two passes before being sent back to the author.
  • Per Word Rates: (without ‘Track Changes’ & Comments’) $0.006/word (for example: $60/10,000 words). Including ‘Track Changes & ‘Comments’: $0.006/word. Minimum Charge $75.00
  • Turnaround time: two to three weeks (depending on length of manuscript and my workload).
  • Your manuscript will be returned with Editor’s notes and overall comments on the book.

Proofreading is the process of examining the final draft of a document or text — after it has been edited — to ensure there are absolutely no errors. A proofreader will review for spelling errors, punctuation errors, typos or incorrect use of regional English (i.e. ensuring that you’re using American English or British English when necessary).

Proofreading includes use of Microsoft Word’s ‘Track Changes’ feature to indicate all errors discovered. Some of my clients prefer me to correct errors at source and outline changes in the notes I return with your book. (see above) Pleae indicate the method you prefer.

Click Here for my Payment Terms.

Copy Editing

A word by word editorial process that deals with the mechanics of the wording. Grammar, composition, punctuation, spelling, word choice and consistency are dealt with in this edit. This process aims to achieve accuracy, clarity and consistency in a document. It does not involve significant rewriting, providing a single authorial voice or tailoring text to a specific audience – these belong to a substantive edit, a service which, because of time constraints, I offer on a very limited basis. See FAQs.

  • Stylistic inconsistencies – the mechanics of style
  • Check for correct spelling and punctuation
  • Check consistency in names, terms, and verb tense
  • Indicate and correct grammar errors.
  • Continuity in characters and settings and also wording. Inconsistency within the text will be highlighted and corrected eg ensuring that e-mail on one page doesn’t become email later in the manuscript and a character doesn’t set off on a journey in a car and arrive in an SUV or pickup truck. This happened in one edit.
  • Call attention to word repetition and advanced grammar issues requiring rewrites of sentences
  • Plot holes or inconsistencies may be noted in comments at the editor’s discretion
  • Confusing or convoluted syntax
  • Awkward-sounding passages and wordiness
  • Check—as much as possible—for factual errors or inconsistencies. No extensive factual research.
  • Copy Editing Includes ‘Track Changes & ‘Comments.’
  • Per Word Rates: $0.008/word (for example: $80/10,000 words.) Minimum Charge $100
  • Turnaround time: Three to six weeks (depending on size of manuscript and my workload.)
  • Your manuscript will be returned Editor’s notes and overall comments on the book.
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Line Editing

A line edit is exactly what it sounds like, a line-by-line evaluation of the editorial content of the book Line editing refers to prose. It’s about the craft of writing, and that means paragraph structure, sentence flow, word choice, and language-related techniques. That also means voice, style, readability, cutting out all the unnecessary/redundant words, and forward movement.

When line editing, I read the manuscript twice — once on my iPad, as I would a regular book, and then once on paper. I make notes and comments by hand, both on the page and in a notebook. After I’ve edited the manuscript once, I switch to Microsoft Word my computer and input all my edits within the Word document using Tracked Changes and the comment function. This provides me with a “check” on my own work. Once I’ve input all the changes into the electronic file, I send that to the author along with any additional feedback that’s too long or complicated for the Word document.

  • Per Word Rates: $0.009/word (for example: $90/10,000 words.) Minimum Charge $100
  • Line Editing Includes’Track Changes & ‘Comments’.
  • Turnaround time: Four to six weeks (depending on size of manuscript and my workload.)
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Developmental (or Substantive) Editing

Developmental editing is about the work as a whole. I will help you plan out the organization, features, and other aspects of the work. This level of editing can include but is not limited to:

  • Identifying and fixing plot holes
  • Dead end story lines
  • Further character development
  • Decisions about voice
  • Flow of action and pacing
  • Anything else that will help improve your story

The price of Developmental Editing varies by project. It will be between $0.012/word and $0.018/word and will be decided after I’ve reviewed your manuscript.

  • Turnaround time: Four to six weeks (depending on my workload and the length of your manuscript.)

NOTE: I am currently not accepting Developmental Editing projects due to booked commitments to other, less time-consuming proofreading and editing work.

**NOTE: In all the above categories, if major editing issues are found once the editing process is started, discussion of additional fees might be necessary.

Additional Services:

Manuscript Evaluation/Critique/Editorial Review

I will read your manuscript (fiction genres only) and provide you with an editorial letter that outlines the strengths and weaknesses of the fiction composition, presentation, and the writing style, with suggested areas of improvement.
Evaluation of the strengths and weakness.

  • Manuscripts up to
  • 50k – $25
  • 51k – 75k – $50
  • 76k – 100k – $75
  • 100k+ – $100
  • Anything over 125k will be subject to additional charges.

NOTE: My Manuscript Evaluation Service is only offered subject to other Proofreading and Editing commitments. Please ask.

Blog Posts and Web Content

Pricing depends upon the amount of content to be edited and frequency of posting. As an example, a post of up to 500 words will cost $15. All new clients will be billed in advance, but once a relationship has been established, if you will be posting several times a month, monthly billing can be arranged. All billing is by PayPal invoice.

Resumes and Cover Letters

  • Proofread a resume and cover letter $15
  • Full edit of a resume and cover letter including spacing, font, word suggestions and changes $29
  • I can also format your resume professionally for optimum appearance for an additional $5

Document and Report Editing

  • Proofreading $7.50/page (calculated @ 250 words per page.)
  • Full Edit $12/page (calculated @ 250 words per page.)

If you’d like to get a sense of my proofreading/editing style, I offer a free sample edit. Please email me the first chapter of your story. I will edit a few pages, thus enabling you to make an informed decision.

Your final price is calculated according to the total word/page count upon document submission.

Turnaround times are listed under each category above..

I also work with several graphic artists who can provide you with excellent cover art ranging from 100% individualized to very affordable pre-formatted with appropriate text edits.

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IMPORTANT FAQs Please read


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Ebook Formatting For Indie Authors

Rates and options will be discussed and agreed upon before any work begins. The prices above are standard, I may quote higher if it appears to be necessary. I reserve the right to decline work for any reason.


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