Penguin-Proof Your Online Business

Every time Google unveils a new algorithm update for their search engine, it creates a frenzy of activity across the internet. It’s unfortunate that the ‘Penguin’ update in particular, caused a great many ‘good’ websites to lose rank overnight, but I believe that anyone who has built their websites ethically, without ever implementing methods to ‘game’ the system, should resist panicking.

Google Penguin algorithm updateThrough the succession of Panda, and now Penguin updates, Google’s motivation has been nothing more sinister than eliminating web spam from their search engine results. But—they seem to have written something monumentally wrong into their Penguin programming. Good, longstanding websites are now languishing in the doldrums, but I refuse to believe that Google deliberately set out to create this mess. Future updates will surely correct their monumental mistake.

In the meanwhile, maybe marketers should see this as a long overdue (in my opinion,) wake-up call. Isn’t it time to diversify and consider other traffic sources? Believe it or not, Big G isn’t the one source of visitors to your website.

For many years I’ve followed the path of true ‘Article Marketing’. I use the qualifier ‘true’, because most marketers see article marketing as one of the methods Google’s first, Panda update was created to stamp out: junk articles, spun and blasted far and wide across the internet for publication in thousands of trashy, sub-standard directories.

Following that practice while calling yourself an ‘article marketer’ is a travesty. Nothing could be further from the truth. The article marketing I engage in involves writing top quality material, publishing it on my own websites, then syndicating it both for re-publishing, and as newsletter material to authority websites in my niches.

If you cannot write outstanding articles yourself, pay someone else to write them for you, but don’t expect to pay a pittance for a superior writer’s work. Pay peanuts and all you will attract are monkeys. Of course, there’s nothing to stop you from continuing to publish garbage on your own websites, but no authority website will accept it to share with their readers.

Unfortunately, many blog and website owners have such a poor grasp of grammar, syntax, readability and even spelling, they will be challenged to recognize not only their own writing as unacceptable, but also that of writers they may be considering hiring. Rather than invest in inferior work, I urge you to ask someone you know is a competent writer to read several samples. Also, have them review the products you will be paying for.

Remember, one well-written article will produce far more sustainable results for you than a thousand pieces of junk.

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  1. Great post, Anne. I really love the idea of freeing yourself from Google through article marketing. I’m tired of getting stressed out over Pandas and Penguins!

    Although you’re using syndication as an independent traffic source, do you still get lots of SEO traffic? I’m trying to make peace with the idea of posting the same article to my website and other publishers. I’m still having trouble letting go of the duplicate content myth.

    If you really don’t care about Google rankings, that’s reasonable. But I’m wondering if you and other article marketers are able to get search engine rankings despite this so-called “duplicate/syndicated content.” Don’t your syndicated articles often outrank your own website? Thanks!

  2. Jonathon – FORGET THE “DUPLICATE CONTENT” urban myth. It was started by sellers of article spinning products and it’s hardly in their financial interest to admit that they’ve been hookwinking thousands of gullible marketers for years. Ever heard of Matt Cutts? He’s the head of Google’s webspam team. Matt has explained in great detail on a number of occasions that insofar as Google is concerned, “duplicate content” refers to content published more than once under the same URL. That’s it. Period.

    If you employ article marketing correctly, SEO and Google ranking won’t mean a jot to you; that’s the beauty of it. But, your niche focused syndicated articles can and will provide you with pure gold when it comes to backlinks, because you will be receiving backlinks from very relevant, often authority websites, and one of these backlinks is worth thousands of random, crappy ones. This secondary benefit produces great SEO.

    If you really want to get into Article Marketing seriously, I highly recommend a book written by Paul Myers, the lead moderator of the Warrior Forum: The Content Cash Systems. Paul is the genuine article and I’ve learned an immense amount from him over the years.

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