Ezine Articles and “Unique Content”

original contentEzine Articles does not require you to publish “Unique Content” to their directory. Period. Yet, over and over, often several times a day, marketers log on to various IM forums and, state categorically that they do. This is completely wrong, and unfortunately, others read this mis-information, accept it as the truth, and within a short space of time, they too are posting, advising others along these same, skewed lines.

But, don’t take my word for it; just go to Ezine Articles Editorial Guidelines, Item 1a. which states:

“To Be Qualified For Our Site, Your Article:

  • MUST BE AN ORIGINAL ARTICLE THAT YOU WROTE. If you work for an author as an employee or contractor and are submitting the article, please submit the article as if it was from the original author including his or her email address and name.”

Did you get that? Original—not unique. Those two words each have an entirely different meaning. It’s really unfortunate that many so-called “experts”, lack the basic language skills which enable them to distinguish “original” from “unique”.

To further enforce Ezine Articles’ requirement that any article you submit to them should be your original (not unique) work, they offer authors a plugin to add to their WordPress blogs. Again, exactly in their words:

“Plugin Features:

  • Save Time. When you write a post on your WordPress blog, you will now be able to submit it to EzineArticles directly from your blog.
  • Customize. Resource Box can now be loaded and tweaked for your WordPress article.
  • Republish. Your old WordPress posts can now reach a wider audience on EzineArticles.”

article marketingTo clarify their requirement for original content even further, Ezine Articles has made a lengthy and detailed post on their blog titled ‘Exclusive Rights Defined‘.

It begins…

“We only accept 100% original articles for which you have exclusive rights.

What exactly does that mean?

Well, it means that you own 100% of each article you submit and that each article is unique from all other articles on EzineArticles.com (not on the internet).

The article review process is not just for grammar or spelling, continuity and content; it also contains a critical component where we review the exclusive rights to the article. We take multiple steps to ensure that the content you submit is yours. Our editors undergo an intensive training course, learning how to review your articles for exclusive rights and also learning the levels of action each scenario requires.”

The post takes the definition one step further and explains that the material you are publishing on Ezine Articles should be original, and you must have exclusive rights to it. This blog post continues in even more depth. To read it in full, Click Here.

tearing my hair outI just had to let off steam and make this post today. The past week has been especially frustrating, with bad information appearing on the Warrior Forum several times a day, despite knowledgeable and highly experienced marketers displaying admirable patience as they took the time to correct the claims.

Without a doubt, having your own IM blog can especially satisfying!

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