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With Google’s everlasting algorithm updates, is it really smart to establish your entire internet business upon their foibles and idiosyncrasies? The methods you are presently following may please Google today, but who’s to say how they may regard them tomorrow? Overnight you could find that coveted #1 position you’ve invested so much time, effort and probably even money, to attain, has vanished. Google has come up with a new rule and your site is now languishing unseen and unloved somewhere on page six or seven of the search results.

Google Panda AlgorithmDon’t get me wrong, I used to fight exactly those same battles, just as you are doing; but then I stopped following the advice of the so called “Internet Gurus” and got smart. Actually, I began reading some revolutionary material from a few online marketing experts and educators who offered a new marketing approach; a list of entirely new rules!

From them, I learned that online marketing tools do not sell products and services, relationships sell products and services. Yes, the true meaning of marketing is maximizing relationships. Buying the latest shiny, online tool won’t make you successful; while strategy and solid relationships will.

The new rules of web marketing are all about breaking the old rules. The internet offers a wealth of opportunities for you to engage audiences and communities, and none of them involve kissing up to Google. Take article syndication for example: whatever your niche, there are ezine publishers out there with big lists, anxiously in need of quality material to serve up to their subscribers. By submitting your focused, well written articles to them, you immediately place your knowledge in front of thousands of content relevant readers, netting you huge amounts of highly targeted traffic.

I know this works; I’ve proved it for myself in the six, highly diverse niches I market to. All I need to do is take an article already posted on one of my blogs and send it to the list of niche relevant ezine publishers I’ve accumulated. There’s no guess-work involved, you know exactly how big each list is, how large an audience in total you are writing for.

Occasionally, one or two list owners may ask for fresh, new material, but from my experience, they are in the minority. Suddenly, instead of pumping out hundreds of mind-numbing articles each month, just a few become necessary, and every single one of them will be of enormous value to your business. No more hit and miss. This is powerful stuff, and it works!

This is why ezines are the ultimate niche-marketing tool.

Ezine Advertising LiveThe “bible”, or yellow-pages I use to find all the ezines relevant to my niches is Charlie Pages’ Directory of Ezines (or DOE for short). Charlie is the author of over ten eBooks on internet marketing, and comes with more than ten years of ezine advertising experience. He is considered the leading expert on marketing with ezines, and continues to teach his DOE members how to create their own success story using ezines. To this end, he has developed a phenomenal 14+ hour course of practical teaching titled Ezine Advertising Live.

This really is a spectacular course on acquiring lazer targeted traffic, and I recommend it without reservation. Nothing is as targeted as ezine advertising and, in my opinion, nothing gives a greater return on your investment.

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Ezine Advertising Live

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