Effective Home Security On A Shoestring

In these current economic times, home security has become a two-pronged issue. Crime is on the increase but monitored home security systems are often something people cannot easily afford.

According to the FBI, a burglary takes place somewhere in the United States every fifteen seconds and unfortunately, that means every single home is a potential burglary statistic. Fear not—there are numerous inexpensive home security tips and tricks you can employ to keep your home and family secure.

Install Motion Detector Lights Around Your Home

Effective lighting all around a house is a great deterrent, so take steps to fully illuminate your home’s exterior with outdoor lighting fixtures activated by motion detectors that will turn on if they detect any movement within their range. These lights are relatively inexpensive and they can be programmed for both range and sensitivity so that they won’t turn on every time a cat strolls across your patio.

The more lights you invest in the better because motion detector lights are a very effective deterrent. No burglar wants to be picked out in a spotlight!

Use Light Timers Inside and Outside the Home

Light timers are inexpensive and you should buy several and program them to turn lights on and off throughout the day and night. You can even use one to control a radio anytime you are not at home. In addition to motion detectors outside, set up a couple of exterior lights on timers as well.

A radio will cost much less than a television to run intermittently and should be tuned to a channel with few noisy commercials, thus creating a general impression of voices within the house. Check out the position and volume to be sure it can be heard outside the front door.

Install Quality Locks

If all your exterior doors don’t have deadbolt locks, buy them. Never skimp on locks and in this instance, you really do get what you pay for. Deadbolts can withstand a great deal more pressure than their flimsy counterparts. Having said that, a lock can only be as good as the door it’s attached to so be sure the door is sturdy enough to withstand any efforts to force it open.

Strengthen every door installation leading to the outside by substituting the screws provided by the manufacturer with extra long, heavy duty screws so that the door frame is attached directly to the wooden door opening in the wall.

If you have a sliding patio door, further secure it by adding a patio bar which will prevent the door from sliding open or off its runners. In an emergency, a stout length of wood can serve the same purpose.

Install A Door Stop On Your Front Door

A door stop when in place, will only permit your door to open just a few inches while you check who your visitor is. Discard the screws provided by the manufacturer and substitute longer, heavy duty screws. Create a habit of keeping the door stop in place at all times.

Secure Your Windows

All too often the windows represent the weakest point in a house. Always ensure all windows are fully closed and locked whenever you leave home, even for the shortest time. Most modern windows incorporate sash locks but you can reinforce these by drilling a hole from the front through into the back at the point where the windows overlap and inserting a nail.

Keep Your Keys Secure

Never hide a spare key under a flowerpot or stone because burglars know exactly where to look.

When you take your cars for service always remove your car key from the ring—never hand over your bunch of keys.

Assess the Landscaping

Tall trees located close to the house creating areas of darkness or a means to reach upper windows need to be trimmed. Overgrown shrubs close to windows or entrance doors can provide similar safe harbors for criminals.


Content written for a home security company