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If you consider yourself to be a “content marketer”, are you often, quite literally, falling at the first fence? You’ve created brilliant, riveting content, published it on your own website or blog, then added it to Ezine Articles. All the right stuff — but then what? Does it just sit there gathering cyberdust?

This is inert passive syndication. Your technique is correct, you’re not churning out illegible, keyword laden garbage and blasting it all over the internet, but you can and should be doing so much more, and this is where Paul Myers’ course will put you on the right track.

His methods are neither difficult, nor involve a huge amount of time; quite the contrary in fact. But you do need to be consistent and follow the paths he outlines. Take heed though — in Paul’s own words:

“For anyone looking for a ‘get rich fast with no effort or investment’ pitch… Please look to the fantasy shelves in your local bookstore for that kind of product. This is a detailed plan for a specific, proven traffic model. It can add a powerful and continuously growing stream of visitors to your sites.”

I’ve subscribed to TalkBiz, Paul Myers’ free newsletter for years, so I know him to be a no-nonsense, honest guy. He has a particularly strong background as a writer, and he has an unwavering belief that quality documented content is vital to your success when doing business both online and offline.

I’ve been actively involved in content marketing, or article marketing in its true sense, for many years, but the “Content Cash System” truly was a huge eye-opener for me. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never been a spammer and I’ve always worked hard to syndicate all my content to as wide and receptive an audience as possible. But Paul’s system introduced me to a process which, once in place, is almost self perpetuating, requiring little more than a couple of hours maintenance a week.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity and straightforward manner of the Content Cash System’s sales page. Paul Myers is a straightforward kind of guy, preferring not to use a lot of flash and sensationalism. Similarly, his 66-page report isn’t blown up disproportionately with a load of fluff. His approach WORKS; I can testify to that! And it will eliminate any dependance you have upon Google. Surely that alone makes it worth the small, $27 outlay.

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