Range of Expertise

This website has one purpose—to help you with your endeavors publishing your ebooks on the internet. I have three decades experience writing, including 25 years for the web, and I’ve designed and written the content for dozens of websites and WordPress blogs. I can guarantee that just like you, I learned all the lessons the hard way, but the internet is my passion, and from the beginning, I was consumed with a determination to adopt it as a full-time business.

My roots are in writing, and everything I’ve done has always involved writing and the English language. Many years ago, I relied exclusively upon working as a ‘writer for hire’, writing content for clients’ websites and printed material.

Somewhere along the way it dawned on me that I could also channel my abilities into creating and maintaining my own IM web sites. Some of these websites were moderately successful, but I eventually realized that the written word only takes you so far in IM. You also need to be proficient in SEO, keyword research, and much more.

When Amazon introduced Kindle it provided me with the opportunity to write and publish fiction without the dispiriting impediment of publishers. One by one, I sold my websites on Flippa and several unattached domain names on SEDO. One domain name: VacationHomes.com, which I had first registered in 1997, sold for $3,500. Today, eight years on, it would probably have reaped me even more.

But writing the books is only half the challenge; editing and formatting them, promoting them and converting shoppers into buyers is another story entirely. Since I published my very first ebook on the Kindle on August 10, 2009, aside from editing and proofreading I’ve had to study and learn an entirely new range of skills. Furthermore, Kindle is only one piece of the jigsaw: there are many other platforms where my books can be published and require different formatting.

Not everyone wants to learn how to edit, proofread and format their ebooks, but are more than willing to pay others to do it for them. Hence, as a spinoff from my own writing, I’ve developed two entirely new skills I’m able to offer to fellow indie authors. And it’s something I really enjoy doing.

Proofreading and Editing Service

Ebook Formatting For Indie Authors