Book Promotion for Indie Authors

Kindle book promotionIndie authors are constantly looking for ways to promote and advertise their published and about to be published books. I have accumulated a huge compilation of more than 200 services / sites and where authors can promote their books.

The comprehensive list includes general websites, forums, Facebook pages, Twitter, etc. and includes both free and paid services. A number of these resources require that your book is free for the duration of their promotion. Some of the especially high-traffic sites require book submissions one, and occasionally two weeks in advance. Others will only promote books that have five, sometimes ten no worse than 4-star reviews.

It is important to note that posting books must be managed similarly to social media sites. It’s not possible or reasonable to use all of them. There are a lot of different types of sites that allow indie authors to post their books, but some restrict acceptance to specified genres.

So— would you like to take advantage of all these promotion outlets? Remember, your book won’t sell itself, no matter how good it is or who you are. Unfortunately, doing so will involve you in hours of manual, mind-numbing, repetitive work, robbing you of valuable writing time.

I offer a service where my office will take care of all the submissions for you. My trained assistant will take a look at the marketing page for your particular book and fashion its submissions to all the appropriate services / sites. You can choose whether to include paid sites or limit your submissions to only free services.

As I’ve already mentioned, this is time-consuming work, hence my services aren’t cheap.

My Services

  • Submission to approximately 150 Free Services / Sites . . . $199.00
  • Submission to approximately 50 Paid Services / Sites . . . $59.00
  • Plus all applicable submission fees
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  • Submission to the Top 30 Free and Paid Services . . . $39.00
  • Plus all applicable submission fees

Due to the nature of this service, all costs are due In Advance before any submissions can be commenced. No exceptions. Payment is through PayPal.

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