WordPress Security Doesn’t Need To Be Difficult

wordpress securityLet’s begin by making an especially radical statement: 100% security is impossible to achieve with WordPress! Why? because it would be both impractical and all but impossible to maintain. Nevertheless, there are many steps you can take which will render your blog a great deal more secure than the vast majority or WordPress blogs currently online.

The most important step, is, appropriately enough, NOT to install WordPress using Fantastico! It’s unfortunate how, on forums etc., everyone posts saying use Fantastico, while I seldom read anyone explaining why this is actually such a bad foundation for a new WordPress blog.

Why? It’s simple: by default, a Fantastico installation sets “wp_” as the prefix for each WordPress table name. Knowing this, hackers find it especially easy to send malicious code targeting your wp_ based tables. It’s as if you’ve put a ‘welcome’ mat at the door for them. This knowledge makes it a doodle for them to change the appearance of your site, redirect your url to their site, plus a whole host of other nasty things.
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Authoritative Article Marketing vs SEO Article Directory Marketing

The confusion, which continues between the two: “authoritative article marketing” and “SEO article directory marketing”, never seems to cease. Authoritative article marketers are clear about the marketing method they embrace, but SEO article directory marketers create the murkiness when they insist upon also referring to what they do as straight “article marketing”.

Let me explain the two:

article syndicationAuthoritative Article Marketing involves high quality, focused articles, written specifically to catch the eye of webmasters looking for good content for their sites, otherwise known as syndication. These articles nearly always contain more than 1,000 words; they draw in and entertain the reader and they never, never promote or sell. Selling is not their purpose, where-as engaging the reader and informing them is.

Articles written by authoritative article marketers follow an inherent understanding of how webmasters are constantly on the lookout for top-notch content for their blogs, websites, newsletters, etc. These webmasters will nearly always pick a long article over a shorter one, simply because of the space it occupies. Your 500-word article may be brilliant, but its selection means the webmaster still has critical space to fill.
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Ezine Articles and “Unique Content”

original contentEzine Articles does not require you to publish “Unique Content” to their directory. Period. Yet, over and over, often several times a day, marketers log on to various IM forums and, state categorically that they do. This is completely wrong, and unfortunately, others read this mis-information, accept it as the truth, and within a short space of time, they too are posting, advising others along these same, skewed lines.

But, don’t take my word for it; just go to Ezine Articles Editorial Guidelines, Item 1a. which states:

“To Be Qualified For Our Site, Your Article:

  • MUST BE AN ORIGINAL ARTICLE THAT YOU WROTE. If you work for an author as an employee or contractor and are submitting the article, please submit the article as if it was from the original author including his or her email address and name.”

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Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Wordpress plugins have been a much-discussed topic since programmers first began writing them for WordPress.org blogs. Today, plugins come in all shapes and sizes, and their capabilities are virtually limitless. As a stand-alone function, WordPress is, in my opinion, an unparalleled CMS (content management system); extended with a few carefully chosen plugins, it will do almost anything you can imagine.

The problem arises when people begin randomly adding plugins to their WordPress blogs. All over the internet there are lists similar to:
WP plugins

  • 10 best WordPress Plugins
  • Best WordPress plugins
  • 30 Powerful WordPress Plugins
  • Ultimate collection of WordPress plugins

In most cases, apart from a handful of basics, many of these lists are nothing more than a reflection of their author’s personal opinion. The plugins he or she names are probably perfect for the structure of his or her WP blog, but are simply not necessary for the blogs run by an average reader.
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Self Publishing—Create and Sell Your Own Product Online

Many entrepreneurs who embark upon an online career, usually begin by promoting other people’s products. The most popular sources for affiliates are ClickBank, followed by EBay, Amazon, Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareASale, etc.

But, as time passes, many affiliates dream about creating their own digital products to sell online. These products can take many forms: it could be a simple ebook detailing a particular process, downloadable software, website memberships, or video tutorials. The alternatives are endless.

The enticing advantage to selling your own digital products, is the immediate potential to substantially increase your earnings. To achieve this, you need to attract a group of affiliates to do exactly what you used to do, promote your products for YOU! Provide them with 50% or even better, 75% of each sale and that group could develop into an army. Digital products cost so little to produce, which means there is a huge potential to attain massive profits.
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WP InstantPay Plugin

wp-instantpay pluginAs an internet marketer who subscribes to several marketing forums, I frequently come across posts from fellow marketers who struggle to find and set up a complete, all in one, sales processing, order fulfillment and affiliate payment system for their online business.

Countless thousands of marketers use WordPress as their CMS (content management system), and PayPal is the most used payment system on the internet. It has to make sense when a new WordPress plugin is developed to combine the two AND pay their affiliates instantly!

Yes, now there is WP InstantPay Plugin

Can you imagine how many affiliates you’ll be able to attract when they know they’re getting paid in real time? After every single sale? You will explode your sales volume because there will be no waiting…and that’s a HUGE incentive for affiliates to promote your products!
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Become A ClickBank Affiliate–Sell ClickBank Products the Right Way

ClickBank was founded in 1998, and at the risk of revealing that I’m no spring chicken, I’ll admit here and now that I’ve been making good money as a ClickBank affiliate, almost since day one. Back in 2007, I even created my own product and added it to the ClickBank Marketplace, allowing other affiliates to promote it and earn 70% commission from every sale they make.

ClickBank PirateAnyway, I hope you will agree that when I write about ClickBank, I can justify my claim that my words are backed up by 12+ years of genuine, knowledge building experience.

So—do I recommend becoming a ClickBank affiliate to anyone new to Internet marketing, or to experienced marketers seeking new sources of income? Yes—definitely, but with a number of critical caveats:
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Article Marketing – Does It Still Work?

Yes—article marketing is still very much worth pursuing, but, you must understand that we are talking about true article marketing, not ‘article directory marketing‘. There are very significant differences.

article marketingArticle Directory Marketers (also known as ‘bum marketers’) are people who write (or pay to have others write for them), hundreds of inferior quality articles, spin them to create thousands more, use a few to populate a niche blog or website, then via programs or paid subscription services, broadcast them to article directories throughout the internet.

This aspect of ‘marketing’ is the reason for Google’s February algorithm update (their ‘recipe’ for how to rank web pages), known as the Panda, or Farmer update, aimed at identifying mediocre, low quality sites and content. This update has severely impacted article directories and websites in general that carry inferior material, that Google perceives to provide little or no information.
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Can Video be the Easy Answer to Growing your Business?

Many businesses have figured out that placing videos on their website is a good move.

Why? Because it builds the brand name, showcases them as an expert, puts real people behind the name, speaks to new customers, gives important information, offers real live customer testimonials, brings in new traffic, and increases sales.

Here are some types of videos YOU could use to grow your business:

video marketing

  • Customer testimonial videos with real people giving their honest feedback. This is the social proof that will help you sell more products or services.
  • A brief video introduction into what you do. This is like a video version of your elevator speech.
  • A brief walkthrough of your website video. Show them the page tabs and the search function so they can find what they are looking for on your site. Also show them the contact page so they can ask questions or leave feedback.
  • How To videos. Perhaps you can show potential customers how to use the product or you can explain how to purchase the best product based on their needs.
  • Question and Answer videos. Take the typical questions you get and make a video answering them. This shows the customer you care, and also cuts down on your time having to repeatedly answer the same questions via email.
  • Video on your website can have a tremendous influence on your business, but there are some details you should know regarding how to get the maximum impact from your media efforts.

Anne Pottinger