Article Syndication: How To Begin

Article syndication, when approached correctly, could easily become the pot of gold in your business promotion endeavors. Why? Because, it can provide you with masses of highly targeted traffic. Over the years, longstanding syndicators have developed lists of thousands of publishers who have signed up to receive new content for their authority websites and in their newsletters and offline publications. This provides the author with significant numbers of fresh readers who will hopefully click the links to their websites in the resource boxes. This is targeted traffic.

To be a really successful syndicator, you must be proactive.  The opportunities for syndication (depending, of course, upon your niche,) can be endless. You just need to exercise a little initiative and creativity to track them down.

Everyone begins with basic “keyword + blog” searches, but that’s just the miniscule tip of a huge iceberg. Other very effective search stings are:
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Penguin-Proof Your Online Business

Every time Google unveils a new algorithm update for their search engine, it creates a frenzy of activity across the internet. It’s unfortunate that the ‘Penguin’ update in particular, caused a great many ‘good’ websites to lose rank overnight, but I believe that anyone who has built their websites ethically, without ever implementing methods to ‘game’ the system, should resist panicking.

Google Penguin algorithm updateThrough the succession of Panda, and now Penguin updates, Google’s motivation has been nothing more sinister than eliminating web spam from their search engine results. But—they seem to have written something monumentally wrong into their Penguin programming. Good, longstanding websites are now languishing in the doldrums, but I refuse to believe that Google deliberately set out to create this mess. Future updates will surely correct their monumental mistake.

In the meanwhile, maybe marketers should see this as a long overdue (in my opinion,) wake-up call. Isn’t it time to diversify and consider other traffic sources? Believe it or not, Big G isn’t the one source of visitors to your website.
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A Safe, Easy Way To Do Article Marketing the Right Way

article marketing the right wayAre you a ‘purist’ article marketer, working to syndicate every piece of content you produce? I am, and I try to follow the path that many fellow content writers have proved for themselves to be successful.

Article marketing, with the end goal to get your material syndicated and republished on popular, relevant websites and blogs, or in newsletters, has no association with spamming the internet with hundreds, often thousands of spun, unreadable excuses masquerading as articles.

Over the past two years, Google has been implementing algorithm updates to weed out, and de-index these ‘trash’ articles, and often the spuriously named article directories hosting them as well. Consequently, the backlinks they had been providing disappeared, and so too did the websites they had been pointing to. Hence the hue and cry on forums such as the Warrior Forum, Digital Point, Wicked Fire, etc., proclaiming ‘article marketing’ to be “dead”.
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Is Your Content Being Stolen? A DMCA Takedown Notice Is the Answer

Copyright infringement is an unfortunate issue many internet marketers are encountering, often on a daily basis. Unscrupulous thieves seem to view someone else’s published content as fair game to copy; heck, I went through a long, unpleasant correspondence with one guy who flat out insisted, once I published my writing on the internet, it became public property for anyone to copy at will, without permission or attribution. There are also a lot of software programs out there to scrape content from article directories, websites etc., and automatically republish it on “autoblogs.”

copyright infringementI publish a lot of content in my blogs and at Ezine Articles, and, of course, my purpose is to get these articles picked up by niche-relevant webmasters and re-published in their blogs, newsletters, etc. But, they are required to leave my resource box with its backlinks to my own internet real estate intact. The vast majority of them do, but there are always one or two jerks who think the rules just don’t apply to them.

Implementing Google Alerts is one method I employ to alert me about people stealing my content, and I use it to good effect.
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Tips on How to Convert Your Articles Into Videos

When I wrote the article “10 Proven Benefits of Converting Your Articles into Videos” the first comment I received from one of my followers was “How do you turn your articles into videos?” This prompted me to come up with this simple explanation on how to go about it.

There are several options of converting your articles into videos. For instance you can use PowerPoint to create animated slides and convert them into a video format. You can use a flash program to create your videos. But these options really require technical know-how and most people may find it a little bit difficult.

The easiest way to convert your articles into videos is by using an article-to-video-converter software that turns them into videos in the shortest time possible. It is user friendly and it doesn’t require much technical know-how. But you need to select a good program that allows you to edit your article in any way you want. Secondly, you need to spend some money to use the service.

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Guest Blogging – A Marketing Strategy To Bring Floods of New Traffic

Everywhere you look these days, especially since Google’s ongoing succession of algorithm updates, naysayers are proclaiming, “article marketing is dead” or, “article marketing doesn’t work any more”. Fortunately, my experience tells a completely different story: instead of losing its effectiveness, article marketing in its original, purest sense has now acquired a whole new authority, helped, rather than hindered by Google’s clampdown to eliminate trash content.

Complementary to article marketing is Guest Blogging, and when approached correctly, it can very easily produce superior results. Why should this be? Well, a blog post is an article, the only difference being, it’s published in a blog, not an article directory. However, that one difference can be amazing in the focused, quality traffic it attracts.

So, How Does Guest Blogging Provide Superior Traffic?

Simple. As respected as many article directories may be, they are not authoritative websites. When people are searching for information on a subject, or solutions to their problems, they will only read your article posted in a directory if they happen to stumble upon a link to it during their search. There is no way they are going to head directly to Ezine Articles or Article Base to find answers.
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Don’t Sacrifice Good Content In the Name of SEO

Whenever you create material for your blog or website, don’t make the common mistake of assuming you need to sacrifice the quality of your content in the name of SEO. You may be surprised to learn how the two can actually coexist in complete harmony. Look at it this way, your intended readers will be searching the internet using the keywords which are pivotal to your SEO, so, if you create your content based on topics constructed around those same keywords, there is a strong likelihood this is also the content they are seeking.

content writing for seoUse the right keywords so that your content is found easily, but always write coherently, for your readers to enjoy. The worse mistake you can make is stuffing your content with keywords, just for the benefit of Google. Actually, Google’s algorithms are getting progressively smarter; throughout the year they have been de-indexing what I describe as SEO fodder, or material short-sightedly produced to please the search engines, rather than live, human readers.

When people enter a keyword and perform a search, they are presented with a list of links. If they click to visit your website because they are intrigued by your title in the search results, they do so because they expect your content to live up to their expectations.
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Write Articles For Your Readers, Not For Google

Do you write articles to promote your internet business? If you’ve answered ‘yes’, my next question is: do you write just to please Google, or to inform and entertain people?

article marketingMy writing policy has always put my intended readers first; that makes sense—they are, after all, my targeted customers. Many marketers advise differently, preferring to write purely to please Google, but I see that as a big mistake. Article marketing should not be viewed as a form of SEO, because it isn’t. Article directories were never created either as a means of obtaining traffic, or as a source of good backlinks; they fail miserably at both.

Unenlightened marketers are delighted when their articles posted in directories have a 25% click-through rate, but what they should really be saying is: ‘I lost 75% of my potential visitors’. Doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?
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Ezine Advertising Live — My Marketing Epiphany

With Google’s everlasting algorithm updates, is it really smart to establish your entire internet business upon their foibles and idiosyncrasies? The methods you are presently following may please Google today, but who’s to say how they may regard them tomorrow? Overnight you could find that coveted #1 position you’ve invested so much time, effort and probably even money, to attain, has vanished. Google has come up with a new rule and your site is now languishing unseen and unloved somewhere on page six or seven of the search results.

Google Panda AlgorithmDon’t get me wrong, I used to fight exactly those same battles, just as you are doing; but then I stopped following the advice of the so called “Internet Gurus” and got smart. Actually, I began reading some revolutionary material from a few online marketing experts and educators who offered a new marketing approach; a list of entirely new rules!
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Article Syndication To Benefit and Grow Your Business

Article syndication, when approached correctly, is in my opinion, a brilliant promotion tool. Unfortunately, a great many internet marketers just don’t “get” how to implement article syndication correctly and effectively. The primary purpose is simple: write articles and make them available for republishing on sites relevant to your own niche. This provides opportunities to grow your presence, increase your credibility, and widen your marketing reach with new, highly targeted traffic to your website. People reading your content, are exposed to your brand, and perceive you as an expert in your particular niche. If you are especially lucky, one or more of your articles may even go “viral”.

article syndicationThe mistake most people persist in making, is perceiving article syndication as a means of obtaining backlinks, or “link-juice”. They write content and blast it out a to proliferation of article directories. Agreed, this will result in backlinks, but all you will achieve from article directories in SEO terms are non-context-relevant, PR-0 backlinks. Actually, it will require somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 article directory backlinks to provide the link-juice equivalent to one single backlink from a relevant authority-site.
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