Become A ClickBank Affiliate–Sell ClickBank Products the Right Way

ClickBank was founded in 1998, and at the risk of revealing that I’m no spring chicken, I’ll admit here and now that I’ve been making good money as a ClickBank affiliate, almost since day one. Back in 2007, I even created my own product and added it to the ClickBank Marketplace, allowing other affiliates to promote it and earn 70% commission from every sale they make.

ClickBank PirateAnyway, I hope you will agree that when I write about ClickBank, I can justify my claim that my words are backed up by 12+ years of genuine, knowledge building experience.

So—do I recommend becoming a ClickBank affiliate to anyone new to Internet marketing, or to experienced marketers seeking new sources of income? Yes—definitely, but with a number of critical caveats:

  • Always promote products that are not related to the Internet marketing arena. Every single one of these products is already way too heavily saturated, and for some inexplicable reason every “newbie” automatically gravitates towards them.
  • Never promote a niche your fellow ClickBank marketers are already selling to. Ever heard of the saying “trying to sell fridges to Eskimos”?
  • Pick a true “niche”. Weight loss isn’t a niche; lose ten pounds before my vacation, is.
  • Pick a product with a good sales page that you feel will convert the traffic you send to it. No hype, no unrealistic claims, no deceptive wording, no earnings claims, no pop-up or pop-under discounts, no “only available now at this price” hype. Read it thoroughly and weigh it against one simple judgment: would you take out your credit card and buy it?
  • Does the sales page have any “leaks”? No “opt-ins”, no “sign up for free trials”, no “contact the seller”. Any of these “leaks” could cut you out of the commission flow.
  • Look for reasonable gravity. Personally, I promote products with gravity between 5 and 25. This flies in the face of 99.9% of all the other advice you will read, but understand that this figure is very often contrived by the vendor and doesn’t necessarily mean people are selling lots of the product. Gravity simply reflects the number of affiliates who have sold at least one copy during the preceding eight weeks, not the number of sales made. Unrealistically high gravity is nearly always associated with IM niches. Why? Because many people in IM are using their own affiliate links to purchase the product for themselves.
  • Consider promoting something you are passionate about, or you are knowledgeable about. This will help you develop good pre-sales copy and allow you to speak more naturally about the product. The best way to market ClickBank products is through article marketing, so pick a product you are able to easily write about.
  • Is the refund figure low? High refund figures mean dissatisfied customers so this is not a product you wish to associate yourself with.
  • Does the vendor offer a good percentage, or earnings per sale? 75% is excellent; 60% is good; 50% is reasonable, but also take into account the actual value of the product being sold. 50% of a $100 item gives you a far better return on your efforts than 75% on a $25 item.
  • Is the vendor accessible? Does he/she have a good reputation? Contact him/her with one or two relevant questions. If he doesn’t reply, move on because the lack of communication most probably reflects the level of after sales service.
  • Similarly, I never promote a product sight unseen. Contact the vendor and demonstrate that you are a genuine, committed affiliate marketer, and ask for a review sample. If you are met with a refusal, or no response at all, move on.

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  2. This is some great advice. I’ve given Clickbank a couple of tries and given up through poor results. This post certainly puts a different slant on how to do it and I’m going to have another go. Maybe it will be three times a charm LOL

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