Article Syndication: How To Begin

Article syndication, when approached correctly, could easily become the pot of gold in your business promotion endeavors. Why? Because, it can provide you with masses of highly targeted traffic. Over the years, longstanding syndicators have developed lists of thousands of publishers who have signed up to receive new content for their authority websites and in their newsletters and offline publications. This provides the author with significant numbers of fresh readers who will hopefully click the links to their websites in the resource boxes. This is targeted traffic.

To be a really successful syndicator, you must be proactive.  The opportunities for syndication (depending, of course, upon your niche,) can be endless. You just need to exercise a little initiative and creativity to track them down.

Everyone begins with basic “keyword + blog” searches, but that’s just the miniscule tip of a huge iceberg. Other very effective search stings are:

  • [niche keyword phrase] +”write for us”
  • [niche keyword phrase] +”submit”
  • [niche keyword phrase] +”author guidelines”
  • [niche keyword phrase] +”writer guidelines”
  • [niche keyword phrase] +”article submission”
  • [niche keyword phrase] +”submit content”
  • [niche keyword phrase] +”submit an article”
  • [niche keyword phrase] +”author submission”
  • [niche keyword phrase] +”article submission guidelines”
  • [niche keyword phrase] +”online magazine”
  • [niche keyword phrase] +”online newsletter”

content syndicationI’ve also seen good results when visiting Ezine Articles and Constant Content and employing a few – um – sneaky tactics.. 😉

Ezine Articles

This method covers both content you’ve published yourself on Ezine Articles, and content published by other authors.

For the latter, do a search for high quality articles in your niche; take a portion of the resource box from each piece, put quotes around it – “sample sentence”, and search for it in Google to discover if and where it’s been syndicated. If you do this correctly you will find blogs and other relevant websites that have republished this content, and all you need to do is contact the webmasters and pitch your own articles to them.

I suggest you search on text taken from the resource box, so that you find webmasters who have published the article in its entirety. These are the ethical folk you need to work with. Auto blogs and scrapers that strip away your links will be of no use to you at all.

Wherever you find syndicated copies, contact the webmaster and offer to send them content you write, before you publish it to the article directories.

Follow the same method with your own work: contact website owners who you discover have re-published your articles and offer them all your new content, before you publish it to the article directories.

Constant Content

constant-contentFor this to work, you need to open a Constant Content account. Log in and, in the left hand margin, click on the ‘Recently Sold Content’ link. Search the titles and copy and paste any that appear to be in your niche. Wait a couple of days, then place those titles in quotes and search for them in Google. Contact any publishers you discover as above.

Also in Constant Content, search under the ‘Buy Content’ tag at the top of the page for articles being offered in your niche. Using these searches, you can click  the ‘Read More’ link and actually read a couple of paragraphs of the article. This will give you a much better opportunity to search successfully.

You are only interested in articles offered for purchase under ‘Buy Usage’, because they are being purchased by publishers who are happy to work with content that has already been published and will continue to be published by others.

To be a successful article syndicator, you need a reasonable grasp of marketing. Of course, you can do nothing more than approach it passively and post you content on Ezine Articles, and maybe Go Articles and ArticleBase, but you can expect very limited results. The most successful article syndicators are proactive go-getters.

your local libraryLook laterally beyond your niche. Think about related niches and market you content to them. Your blog may be about organic gardening, so it’s likely blogs about healthy eating and raising healthy children would welcome your articles. Just make sure you write quality, relevant material. More about the structure of your articles in this earlier post: Article Syndication To Benefit and Grow Your Business.

There are also many ways other than Google or even online to search for possible syndication partners. Visit your local library and search through trade directories, directories of periodicals, etc. Set yourself a goal to send out maybe five or ten new contacts eery day, and stick to it!

This post by Kim Roach will also be of interest to syndicators: 600+ Places to Share Your Content and Get MORE Traffic…

Before I close, may I ask you a question—did you know Paul Myers, the main moderator on the Warrior Forum is an acknowledged expert on all aspects of Article Syndication? Twelve— yes twelve years ago, Paul began publishing the free marketing newsletter: TalkBiz News, and more recently he released a brilliant ebook titled “The Content Cash System.”

I consider myself to be a fairly seasoned content syndicator, but in all honesty, after reading Paul’s book, I realized how little I really knew!

This ebook is an investment in your your writing future, and it’s written by one of the most experienced, most ethical marketers out there.

NOTE: Many of you have contacted me indicating that in Constant Content they cannot see the link to ‘Recently Sold Content’ in the left-hand margin. I contacted Constant Content and they’ve just got back to me (4 days later!) Here is their reply:

“It sounds like they’ve created a customer account. Please create a writer account by clicking Want to Write for Us? on the homepage.”

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  1. Hi Anne, I’m not seeing ‘Recently Sold Content’ on the left hand side after I log in? Still, thanks for the great article, it’s still a brilliant way to find more publishers! 🙂

  2. Hi – I don’t know why you aren’t seeing it. I’ve just logged onto my CC account and it’s there, in the left-hand margin under “My Account”… It’s the 9th option down.


  3. Ann,

    Thanks for posting this Great Article. I follow all of your valuable post at warrior forum. I have also purchased a copy of Paul Myers Content Cash as suggested by one of your posts on the forum several months ago. The book has helped me tremendously along with your teachings.

    One question though. The book is so good and I would also like to offer it to others. Could you offer the book as an affiliate for Paul?


  4. Hi Anne, did you mean ‘Recently Sold Content’ is your own recently sold content, or is it recently sold content across the whole site? If it’s the first, wouldn’t it always be in your niche seeing as it’s your content? If it’s the latter im still not seeing it. The 9th option for me is: ‘Download My Content’, here’s what I’m seeing:

    My Account

    Account status
    My Requests
    My Wishlist
    My Favorite Writers
    Partner Programs
    View Cart
    View My Orders
    Download My Content
    Content Publisher
    Sent Offers
    Edit My Account

    Thanks again,


  5. Hi Annie,

    Thanks for the inspiring article. I’ve logged into Constant Content, but I can’t see any link for ‘Recently Sold Content.’ Has it been removed since you published this article?

    Best regards,


  6. Sorry for the duplicate question above, Annie. I opened this article before going to bed last night, and read it this morning. (down under in Perth West Australia here)

  7. Hi Andrew – thanks for the feedback, I’m so glad I’m able to help and inspire with my writing 🙂 And yes, you can definitely offer Paul’s book as an affiliate, just contact him. Cheers- Anne

  8. Hi Dave – I’m really puzzled that people aren’t seeing the same as I do when I log in to Constant Content. Immediately after logging in, this is what I see: I’m referring to ALL content CC has recently sold, not mine.

  9. Hi Lex – No, the link certainly hasn’t been removed. For my earlier reply, I scanned the graphic I included. Following my log in, the link is there in the left margin. Very weird indeed! Cheers – Anne

  10. Dave – that’s exactly what I was wondering after I replied to you. I’ll contact their Customer Service and see what they tell me.
    Cheers – Anne

  11. Hi Anne,
    Thanks for this and your other great articles. I am reading them ALL learning a lot. I first heard of you on the Warrior Forum. You were mentioned very favorably in a post by another article syndication IMer (I bet you can guess her name, LOL!). I have been one of those people who would write an article for EZA and than forget about it. Now I have learned two vital steps – put it on my site first and than attempt to get it syndicated. You have provided excellent detail on how to do this and it is much appreciated. – Thanks, David

  12. Hi Anne,
    I am relately new to your site so I have not yet read everything but I
    am working on it! I have been learning a lot about article marketing
    from both your site and the Warrior Forum. My basic question is this –
    How do I contact publishers and get them to use my articles? I see
    your suggestions on various searches to locate blogs and other sites
    would be appropriate, but how do I best approach them? Is there
    certain information that should be mentioned in an email? I do not
    want to send out tons of emails to publishers and get zero replies.
    Perhaps a post on your suggestions about this would help lots of
    people. My applogies if this topic has been covered in one of your
    previous posts, I just have not yet read them all.
    Thanks – David

  13. Hello David – unfortunately, however you approach it, working at building up a list of syndicators is often hard, tedious work. There’s no quick work-around. Of course, when you find a webmaster who has already published your content, he or she is usually an easy sell on accepting more. So too are publishers you are able to find via Ezine Articles and Constant Content because they too have already demonstrated that they are happy to work with syndicated content.

    Other than that, I and many of the other top syndicators on the Warrior Forum, follow a regimen of sending out say 10 contact emails every day. Not including Saturdays and Sundays, that will provide you with around 220+ inquiries every month and more than 2,600 per year.

    I know I keep plugging Paul Myers ebook: “The Content Cash System,” but I do it because it works. It’s the best guide on the market for anyone aspiring to be a successful article syndicator. I’ve bought it and learned from it, and so too have many syndicators far more experienced than myself.

    Paul is a hugely experienced marketer and article syndicator and all his methods are 100% ethical and long-term. Learn from an expert..:-)


  14. Hi Anne! I just started IM last year and I never realized that all I did along this time to promote my website is one form of syndication : guest blogging. It’s highly powerful indeed and I got a good traffic. Personally I dislike article directories, I prefer blogs b.c it already has a loyal followers. Regular People who really wants a good info don’t search in article directories — that’s just my intuition LOL. In addition of guest blogging, I found my partners in a forum we’re members of. And since we already have a good relationship each other online, it’s easy to be their guest blogger. Just my 0.02 here 🙂

  15. Hi Ariadne – thanks for the feedback. Yes, I agree with you entirely, if you can get your foot in the door with niche related blogs with good traffic, they’re goldmines.

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