Amazon Kindle Publishing Guidelines

Amazon Kindle Publishing GuidelinesI often see people complaining on writers’ forums that they encounter problems formatting and putting together their ebooks for publication on Kindle. Amazon provides authors with good, solid guidelines in a PDF book. available for download completely free of charge.

You can read or download a copy directly from this site, either click on the cover image to the left, or click Here

To download to your computer, once the PDF is open, look to the top right of the document and click on the page with a downward pointing arrow icon.

Amazon also publishes a free guide as a Kindle book titled, Building Your Book For Kindle.

It’s important to remember that these guidelines are for Kindle ebooks ONLY. Formatting for print books is an entirely different ballgame.

Also, if after reading Amazon’s Guidelines you’re still encountering difficulties, in addition to proofreading and editing, I also offer a formatting service—although this is sometimes subject to editing commitments. Just click on the ‘Formatting’ link in the top menu bar.